in the weeds

See: Tacata, Ryan. "In the Weeds." TDR/The Drama Review, 63(1), 2019. pp. 2–3.

A curated series of talking bouquets (made of weeds) as critical, creative, and dedicated responses to performance. Submissions:

Talking Bouquets for Performance

1. Think on a performance you’d like to give some words to.

2. Take a weed-walk in your area and use an app like iNaturalist to ID your plants.

3. Take a clipping and determine what it says. This might require referencing old “Language of Flowers” guides or it might prompt you to develop new language for the plant given its shape, smell, color, feel, etc.

4. Collect and arrange a small sentence of weeds for dedication. Take a photo and post it to our website with your words, or send it directly to the performers.

To Adam Linder’s Full Service (2018).

From: Ryan D. Tacata

Sweet fennel: Strength

Dandelion: Oracle

Flax-leaved horseweed I’m thinking on it

To Liza Minelli in Cabaret (1972).

From: Silk Worm

Yarrow: Cure for a broken heart.

Daisy: Farewell.

Hairy Crabgrass: Tends to invade manicured turf.

Dandelion: Coquetry.

To Gob Squad’s Creation (Pictures for Dorian) (2018). REDCAT, LA.

From: Michael Hunter

Miner’s lettuce (Clayton Perfoliata): Survival/new beginning.

Dandelion: You are losing time.

Corndaisy (chrysanthemum segetum): Hope & truth

Sow thistle (sonchus arvensis): A warning against unwanted meddling!

Nasturtium: Victory in battle.

Oxalis: Joy & goodheartedness.



From: Raegan Truax

To Mara Poliak, Maryanna Lachman, and Abby Crain’s Snake Talk (2016). CounterPulse, SF.

From: James Fleming

Dandelion: Rustic Oracle; You are losing time; Coquetry

Mealy Sage: Domestic Virtue

Chinese Mallow: Mildness